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At Cedar Knoll Log Homes, our home builder network started in Plattsburgh over 40 years ago with just a couple of local home builders. Today, we are represented by a professional network of local and national dealers in over 40 states; each one of them trusted partners that provide local expertise and help us fulfill the dreams of our shared customers. Find out more about how you can join us in building the nation’s best cedar log homes by filling out this form below.  

Upon request we can give names of several contractors who have constructed log homes in your area. It is the sole responsibility of the client to evaluate, consider and ultimately select a builder that best fits the needs of the client. Log Cabin Homes does not recommend any one builder to any one client as it is the decision of the customer with whom to use. 

Before you select your contractor, Cedar Knoll Log Homes recommends that you solicit bids from at least three experienced licensed contractors. You should perform the following checks prior to finalizing your selection.

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