Tips To Keep Pests Out Of Your Log Home

Make sure you inspect the outside of your cabin regularly – rotting wood is an all-time favorite for lots of insects to either nest in or to eat. Bugs love crevices and cracks in your logs. Use a flexible sealant to block all possible entries including roofs, joints and individual logs, to stop them from […]

Log Homes and Fire

Many people worry about how easily their log homes might burn down in the event of a forest fire, or some other disaster. Believe it or not though, a properly built log home is actually less likely to catch fire than your average suburban home!This is because of the size of the logs used to […]

Tips to Help Maintain Your Log Home

Do not plant shrubs near your log walls. This helps minimize the chance of water splashing off the leaves and onto your log wall. Stack firewood well away from the house.  Stacking firewood near your home can attract wood boring insects like termites. Install gutters on your log home.  This can help prevent splash back […]

Log Homes vs Modular

A common question we receive from potential customers here at Cedar Knoll involves the differences between buying a modular versus a log home. I tend to say that a modular house is a short-term solution to a long-term issue. I often say that nobody has ever come here and told us that all their life […]

The R Value Myth

The R value myth: Seems the public belief in R values is misplaced. Having a log home and a framed home of equal size I can attest to the saving in heating costs for the log home. The idea that fiberglass can keep you warm can be tested by wrapping yourself in fiberglass and going […]

Why a Log house

Why a log house… well there are many good reasons. Over the last 39 years many have come through the doors. They, to a person, say, “All my life I’ve wanted a log home”. To date, not one has waited all their life for a modular, trailer, double wide etc.That’s a good reason but better […]

Log Tiny House

    Cedar Knoll has developed a Cedar log “Tiny House”. This 16 foot by 24 foot contains 320 square feet of living space and a 4 ft. by 16′ sitting porch. The materials for the log walls are precut and numbered for easy assembly. The windows are high performance and fully warranted Weather shield […]