Tips to Help Maintain Your Log Home

  • Do not plant shrubs near your log walls. This helps minimize the chance of water splashing off the leaves and onto your log wall.
  • Stack firewood well away from the house.  Stacking firewood near your home can attract wood boring insects like termites.
  • Install gutters on your log home.  This can help prevent splash back from hitting your lower logs and causing water damage.  This is especially important if you have short overhangs.
  • Spray borate on logs periodically (as per manufacturers instructions).  Borate is a safe and effective wood preservative, you can find out more at the National Pesticide Information Center.
  • If you don’t install gutters, avoid deck splash back by building a splash guard, or grate, or bench that blocks water from splashing off the deck and hitting your log wall.
  • Place covers over any exposed log ends, specifically purlins, ridge pole, rafter Splash back from roof run-off can cause rot on your log walls. Installing gutters eliminates rainwater run-off ends.  If you have any log ends that get wet every time it rains, then you’re asking for trouble — so put a ‘hat’ on those unprotected log ends.
  • If water tends to collect near your home install drains to draw it away.  This will help reduce the moisture level right near your home.
  • Extend your gutter drains so water is deposited about 10′ away from your home.  Again, this helps reduce moisture levels near your home.
  • Clean off pollen, dust and dirt that accumulates on the exterior of your log walls.  Over time such things can form a thin film on the logs, which can contribute to mildew and mold growth.