Log Homes vs Modular

A common question we receive from potential customers here at Cedar Knoll involves the differences between buying a modular versus a log home.

I tend to say that a modular house is a short-term solution to a long-term issue. I often say that nobody has ever come here and told us that all their life they wanted to buy a modular. What they do say is that they’ve wanted a log home their entire life.

Lately I discuss the value of a log home as an investment. It strikes me that 99% of what can be purchased decreases in value the minute you buy it. For example: cars, computers, clothing, toys, and yes, modular houses.

On the other hand, log homes increase in value. They not only increase in value, but you get to enjoy a great home while its value increases. Let us go through the numbers with you. Our staff will help design your dream within your budget.