The R Value Myth

The R value myth: Seems the public belief in R values is misplaced. Having a log home and a framed home of equal size I can attest to the saving in heating costs for the log home. The idea that fiberglass can keep you warm can be tested by wrapping yourself in fiberglass and going outside. In the old days farmers heated a flat stone and put it under their bed to keep warm. The stone held the heat even though a stone has virtually no R value. What a stone (and a log home) has is mass. When mass is heated it has a retention factor. There is no retention in fiberglass.

Why a Log house

Why a log house… well there are many good reasons. Over the last 39 years many have come through the doors. They, to a person, say, “All my life I’ve wanted a log home”. To date, not one has waited all their life for a modular, trailer, double wide etc.That’s a good reason but better yet is that these log homes are warm (easier to heat), go up 6 weeks faster than a comparable framed home, resale better and don’t transfer street noise like other forms of construction.All the log home materials we provide are the exact same brands and quality as in our own homes and those of our children. You are treated as we treat our own family.