Log Cabins & Camps

Bigger is Not Necessarily Better

Not everyone wants or can afford one of the luxury 4000 square foot masterpieces that you usually find adorning the pages of the popular log home magazines. While owning one of those works of art would be nice, there is definitely an upside to building something that is more practical and modest; particularly if you do not have the need or budget for such a monumental undertaking.

If warm and cozy is okay with you (and you do not need to have that “Wow, this is incredible” perception), then you are in the right place. We’ve assembled a wide selection of log cabin plans and log camp plans ranging from 138 square feet to 575 square feet of living space. These log cabins/log camps are ideal for anyone who wants the occasional respite of log cabin life without having to take out a second mortgage.

The Camper to Cabin Transition

These smaller plans are ideally suited for hunting or fishing cabins, weekend camps or even week-long retreats. With package prices starting at $10,000, they are also affordable. For outdoors enthusiasts who enjoy camping and communing with nature, these log cabin/log camp packages can be a good alternative to a camper or RV with one major advantage: a log cabin will appreciate in value over time.

So, if the summertime thrill of packing up your camper, hauling it, setting it up, breaking it down and hauling it back is losing its appeal, now is the time to consider investing in a permanent cabin that can provide year-round enjoyment! Imagine having all of the modern conveniences of a fully-appointed camper/RV (and then some) without all the hassles.