Log Garages

A log garage is a compliment to any log home. Our full log and log sided garages come in virtually any size you could ever need! Whether you want simple storage for your vehicles or an apartment above for rental income, we can create a garage package that fits your specific needs.

We use the same quality materials in our log garages as we do in our log homes!

Let us design one for you, or choose from these plans.


Every good log home deserves a good log garage to go with it. Unfortunately, this realization usually comes as an after-thought to most first-time log home buyers. Cedar Knoll Log Homes offer four standard, stand-alone log garage packages to suit almost every need. We can custom design our log garage packages to match the style and type of your existing log home/log cabin. Our log garage packages are available in most log profiles or can be stick built with log siding to match most log profiles.

Pricing for Garages:

Pine Garage Packages
5/4×6 or 5/4×8
2×6 or 2×8
6×6 or 6×8
16 x 20 $11,550 $12,540 $16,885
24 x 24 $13,090 $14,190 $19,690
24 x 36 $15,290 $18,590 $25,190
Cedar Garage Packages 5/4×6 or 5/4×8 2×6 or 2×8 6×6 or 6×8
16 x 20 $12,650 $13,900 $19,900
24 x 24 $14,900 $15,900 $21,900
24 x 36 $20,950 $22,900 $27,900

The majority of the log garage packages we make are standard framed construction with log siding. Due to the large number of options (siding types and sizes), please call 518-563-3880 or use the contact form to send us an email requesting pricing.