NEW Interior Cabin Log Siding

Cedar Knoll has developed a beautiful new product for the interior wall coverings of any home camp or office. We now kiln dry and manufacture a thin Pine cabin log siding in both 6″ and 8″ widths. These cabin log sidings measure only 3/4″ in thickness allowing them to be used in place of typical wall paneling such as vee jointed tongue and groove. The thin thickness allows application without the expense of “padding out” trim.

Since lumber products are priced by the board footage this thinner product sells for proportionally less and shipping and handling costs are reduced.

1×6 Pine interior cabin log siding……… 69 cents a linear foot

1×8 Pine interior cabin log siding……… 99 cents a linear foot

1×6 white cedar interior log siding……. 1.09 a linear foot

1×8 white cedar interior log siding……. 1.69 a linear foot

As a general rule of thumb a square foot of wall requires 2 1/2 linear feet of 6″ siding and an 8″ sidingĀ  requires 1.8 linear feet to cover a square foot.

Prices are subject to change.