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Welcome to Cedar Knoll Log Homes. Cedar Knoll has been serving customers around the world for thirty years. Whether you are looking for a log home, cabin, garage or commercial building, we want to earn your business. We provide the highest quality and most affordable Cedar and Pine log home materials packages on the market today. Whether you like one of our plans, have your own plans, or want us to incorporate your ideas into a custom plan, we're here to help.

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Our goal is to provide anyone who is interested in log homes or log cabins useful information about the log home building process, different types of log homes and log cabins, lots of pictures of log homes and log home plans from which you can customize your own dream log home.

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Log Profiles

Swedish Cope is a design style that uses round logs that have a concave  groove removed from the bottom of each log to allow the logs to stack  firmly on each other while creating an evenly spread, load-bearing,  weather-tight seal.

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In over 30 years of designing and manufacturing log homes, no two log homes have been exactly the same. Log homes are as unique as the people who design, build and live in them.

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Every good log home deserves a good log garage to go with it. Unfortunately, this realization usually comes as an after-thought to most first-time log home buyers. Cedar Knoll Log Homes offer four standard, stand-alone log garage packages to suit almost every need. We can custom design our log garage packages to match the style and type of your existing log home/log cabin. Our log garage packages are available in most log profiles or can be stick built with log siding to match most log profiles. Read more

Log Cabins & Camps

Bigger is Not Necessarily Better

Not everyone wants or can afford one of the luxury 4000 square foot masterpieces that you usually find adorning the pages of the popular log home magazines. While owning one of those works of art would be nice, there is definitely an upside to building something that is more practical and modest; particularly if you do not have the need or budget for such a monumental undertaking. Read more