Log Home/Camp Special

Cedar Knoll will email our early winter specials to all accounts signed onto our databank.

This year’s winter specials to include pre-cutting of the log walls, pre-staining and free delivery in our offerings.

Flaired Cedar Porch Posts


Cedar Knoll Log Homes has inventoried cedar porch posts with partial root flairs. At this time we also have a limited number of double flaired posts. These items can be purchased with the cedar bark still on them. They can also be purchased debarked.

These posts can be used to support porches or cut down to be used as newels in a railing system.

Our toll free number is 1-800-644-3564 ext. 201 or 202.

Cedar Porch Post Flair

Cedar Knoll sends out monthly specials

Cedar Knoll has started sending out monthly specials. March 2012 has a special offering of our popular Windham model. This month we are pre-cutting all the log walls, including blueprints and delivery at no extra cost. These are savings on these extras that avoid thousands of dollars  in labor, time and delivery charges.

We are already getting our April special ready for mailing March 16th.

Anyone interested can email us at specials@cedarknollloghomes.com and get on our mailing list.


New Services

Cedar Knoll adds new service


Cedar Knoll has added to their customer service precutting all log cabin, house and commercial logs for all of our projects sold before April 15th 2012.

Cedar Knoll continues to help service customers with CAD drawings sent in PDF form.

We also have construction and material experts to assist you in designing, estimating and understanding processes involved in construction.

Our 800 number is 644-3564. We can be spoken with at extension 201 or 202 (Dennis or Ron).

Have a happy and healthy New Year from all of us.


Ron Marx

Cedar Porch posts with decorative roots

Cedar Knoll has stocked a number of round White Cedar porch posts with parts of the root system showing. These unique decorative posts can be used for porches, staircase newels, interior loft supports and even make a great coat hanger.

In addition Cedar Knoll has in-stock a set of four double rooted posts. This matched set would be extremely difficult to assemble.

Single 8′  rooted cedar porch posts start at $145. Each one is unique. Pictures will be available shortly.

You can call 1-518-563-3810 ext 201 or 202 with any and all questions.


Thick Pine Staircases for Log Homes

Cedar Knoll Log Homes offers four distinct styles of stair treads and stringers.

Cedar Knoll’s retail store now offers four styles of thick stair treads and stringers at factory pricing. Products offered are 3×12 kiln dried stair treads cut to length with either a bull nosed edge, square edge or “live edge” in custom lengths or 36″ and 42″ standard sizes. Matching stringers run in even lengths from 2′ to 16′ long. Longer treads and stringers are also available. Cedar Knoll also offers 1/2 log stair treads and stringers in White Pine and Eastern White Cedar. These staircases along with the numerous railing choices make a wonderful addition to any home.



Cedar Knoll Offers Hand Hewning and Pre Staining

Cedar Knoll Log Homes, Inc. has added even more options to their long list of manufactured and custom items and services already available.

The hand-hewed look offers manufactured housing the ability to look hand crafted getting away from the smooth machined look at a most reasonable price. Cedar Knoll can hew upright posts, log cabin logs and siding, beams etc.

Pre-staining logs and siding as well as other accessories gives any home owner the ability to protect their materials and gives them a jump on the construction of the structure.

For particulars on either option please contact your Cedar Knoll representative.

NEW Interior Cabin Log Siding

Cedar Knoll has developed a beautiful new product for the interior wall coverings of any home camp or office. We now kiln dry and manufacture a thin Pine cabin log siding in both 6″ and 8″ widths. These cabin log sidings measure only 3/4″ in thickness allowing them to be used in place of typical wall paneling such as vee jointed tongue and groove. The thin thickness allows application without the expense of “padding out” trim.

Since lumber products are priced by the board footage this thinner product sells for proportionally less and shipping and handling costs are reduced.

1×6 Pine interior cabin log siding……… 69 cents a linear foot

1×8 Pine interior cabin log siding……… 99 cents a linear foot

1×6 white cedar interior log siding……. 1.09 a linear foot

1×8 white cedar interior log siding……. 1.69 a linear foot

As a general rule of thumb a square foot of wall requires 2 1/2 linear feet of 6″ siding and an 8″ siding  requires 1.8 linear feet to cover a square foot.

Prices are subject to change.


Swedish Coped Faux Corners

Cedar Knoll Log Homes has developed a half round Swedish Coped siding complete with matching faux (false) corners. This siding complete with the corners comes ready to apply to your framed and sheathed structure giving the exact appearance of a solid Swedish Coped log home.

This absolutely beautiful system comes in kiln dried White Pine and White Cedar. We manufacture mainly 8″ siding and corners but can also do 6″ for smaller projects or 10″ Pine Swedish Cope for yet larger structures.

The siding is thick enough to add considerable insulation to the building. The siding is ship lapped so that no nails or screws are visible on the finished exterior wall.

Cedar Knoll Log Homes, Inc. hits it big in the outhouse market

Cedar Knoll Log Homes, 30+year manufacturer of numerous quality log homes, commercial buildings and award winning exporter has hit a new low with their manufacture of a log outhouse.

This awesome complicated structure was ordered by a house customer from last year. Our crack CAD operator spent many restless nights pondering the intricacies of this structure.

We want to take this opportunity to thank this customer and hope for him everything comes out right.

Ron Marx, Pres.